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Added Technology and Expanded Series

An extension of the popular Millenium Stretch™ family and integrated KORE Technology™ into M4 surgical series

Shallow Plenum Cleanroom Luminaire

Budget-friendly cleanroom luminaire with a low-profile design for minimal intrusion into the highly valued plenum space

MCRT Receives PIA'23

MedMaster MCRT receives Architectual SSL Magazine's 2023 Product Innovation Award

Doorless Lighting Provides Supermax Security

New HXSS Hexagonal Luminaire Provides Another Virtually Impenetrable Option

Round Ceiling Troffer for Medical Applications by Kenall

New MedMaster™ round ceiling troffers with optional Indigo-Clean™ Visible Light Disinfection Technology are now available

New Featherweight Champion of Parking Structure Lighting

Weighing in at Just Seven Pounds, Installation is Simplified & Shipping Costs are Reduced

Thirteen New Non-ferrous Luminaire Options

Non-ferrous flexibility: 13 new non-ferrous luminaire options for MRI and more

IES 2022 Progress Report - EnviroPro IN9

Kenall’s New Natatorium Lighting Selected for IES 2022 Progress Report

MedMaster™ BHH Behavioral Health Headwall

Kenall’s New Behavioral Health Headwall Lighting Underscores Style, Safety and Patient Comfort

MedMaster™ MRIGT MRI Troffer

Kenall Introduces New Lightweight, Easy-to-Install Troffer Series, Safe for MRI Equipment

SimpleSeal CleanSlot CRS4 Series

SimpleSeal CleanSlot CRS4 Series is the industry’s first recessed slot luminaire series with ISO 3-9 and NSF2 ratings.

MedMaster MPH Series

The MedMaster MPH Series presents an ideal replacement for outdated fluorescent headwall fixtures, and is the first medical headwall to offer single-mode Indigo-Clean® Technology.

EnviroPro IN9 Series

EnviroPro IN9 series luminaires are a long-lasting lighting solution for caustic environments, including those containing chlorine and salt.

Upper Air Disinfection

Indigo-Clean Eclipses Dated UV Lighting with New Upper Air Disinfection Claim

Independent University Study Validates Mt Sinai Study

Independent Study by the University of Tennessee Validates Mt Sinai Study that Indigo-Clean Kills SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza-A

Research Study Proves Indigo-Clean Kills SARS-CoV-2

Publication of Research Study Demonstrating Indigo-Clean Light Technology Effectively and Safely Kills SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A Viruses

Surface Mount MSDIC13 is Simple to Install fixture that Kills SARS-CoV-2

New Surface Mount Indigo-Clean Product is Safe, Simple-to-Install Way to Kill SARS-CoV-2

Indigo-Clean Now Proven to Safely Kill SARS-CoV-2

Indigo-Clean technology is proven effective in killing both SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza-A in recently conducted independent lab testing

BIOS SkyBlue - Biologic Circadian LED Lighting Option

Kenall Partners with NASA Spinoff BIOS for New, Biologic Circadian LED Lighting Option

Kenall and Clear-Vu Lighting Settle Litigation

Kenall Manufacturing and Clear-Vu Lighting agree to dismiss litigation concerning visible light disinfection technology

Upgraded Lighting in Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Upgraded Lighting in “Engineering Wonder” Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Results in Unique, New Design Innovations

Money-Saving SimpleSeal CSERO/I Wins Product Innovation Award from Buildings Magazine

Money-Saving SimpleSeal CSERO/I Wins Product Innovation Award from Buildings Magazine

Impenetrable Correctional Luminaires Series Expands

Kenall Expands Virtually Impenetrable Correctional Luminaire Family with New Wall-Mount Fixtures

Glare Free Cleanroom Lighting

Kenall’s New Cleanroom Luminaires End Debilitating Glare, Provide Unrivaled Energy Efficiency

Visa Settlement


TekLink Parking Suite

TekLink™ TL2000PS Parking Suite Moves Beyond Lighting Control, Exclusively Providing Car Counting Technology in the Light Fixture

MedMaster MedSlot Fixture

The MedSlot is a family of 4” wide healthcare fixtures in multiple lengths and configurations that are ideal for healthcare settings such as patient rooms, hallways, lobbies and waiting areas.

LuxTran LTSI-A1 Tunnel Light

The LTSI-AI, an industry-leading, IP-rated, stainless steel fixture that produces high lumens with a small footprint, providing highly desirable flexibility for complicated tunnel lighting layouts.

Kenall Joins Legrand

Legrand, North and Central America (LNCA), announces that it has acquired Kenall, a leading manufacturer of innovative, energy efficient and sustainable specification grade lighting.

SimpleSeal CTD Promotes Unidirectional Airflow

A low-profile design supports unidirectional airflow systems by preventing the turbulence that can result from using a longer profile fixture.

SimpleSeal CSEDO & CSEDI Release

The lighting fixtures now have lumen packages of up to 36,000 lm while still maintaining excellent energy savings and efficacy. Created for manufacturing and cleanroom environments with ceilings of 12’ to 30’.

Kenall Files Lawsuits to Defend its Narrow Spectrum Disinfection Lighting

Kenall Manufacturing, a solid-state lighting and controls manufacturer, filed lawsuits alleging patent infringement

2018 Product Innovation Awards

Indigo-Clean MDLIC6 downlight and SenScape luminaire both won Product Innovation Awards from Architectural SSL Magazine.

EnviroPro EPHB Release

Companion to the EnviroPro low bay luminaire; the EPHB is ideal for mounting heights of up to 50 feet, whereas the EPLB is designed for heights up to 30 feet.

Kenall Updates LuxTran DLD1220 - Budget-Friendly Underpass/Viaduct Lighting

Kenall LED luminaire has the signature features of durable transportation luminaires, but with a cast-aluminum housing providing an ideal solution for cost-sensitive underpass and viaduct projects.

Hospital Achieves 73% Reduction in SSIs with Indigo-Clean

Within 12-months, Indigo-Clean was shown to reduce bacteria in the operating room by 85%, and the number of surgical site infections was reduced by 73%.

Henderson Hospital’s New OSC Installs Bacteria Fighting OR Light Fixtures

The Outpatient Surgical Center is The Valley Health System’s third location to install Indigo-Clean® light fixtures to help keep patients safe

Indigo-Clean Technology a Winner at 2018 Sapphire Awards

Kenall luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology took top honors at the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards for the category of Lighting for Health and Wellbeing.