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Plenum Access Lighting

Kenall Specializes in Functional Ways to Light your Cleanroom & Containment Space

Plenum access lighting refers to fixtures that create an access panel into the ceiling, allowing servicing personnel access wherever a light fixture is installed. It simplifies ceiling layout, prevents disruption caused by removing a fixture, and permits a quick return to the full function of your cleanroom.

Plenum Access Sell Sheet

Cleanroom with Plenum Access Light Fixtures

The CSEPO is accessible via the plenum access panel.

Who Needs Access to the Plenum?

Plenum access lighting is used in cleanrooms that require the servicing of cables, plumbing or other equipment located above the plenum, or space above the ceiling. A simple grid panel ceiling cannot be used since cleanrooms need to be sealed. Food processing and pharmaceutical applications are ideal candidates for this.

Sealed Enclosure Lighting Product Brochure

How do Cleanrooms Access the Plenum?

Often, a dedicated access panel is installed in the ceiling to get to the plenum space. However, this creates an additional point where the cleanroom can be contaminated, as well as an additional cost. Cleanroom ceilings are often complicated, with fixtures and filters both needing space in the ceiling. The amount of access panels installed must also be accounted for in order to satisfy OSHA’s Confined Spaces safety rules.
A plenum access light fixture, on the other hand, creates convenience because each fixture is also an access point into the plenum. This maximizes the number of access points, while at the same time reducing the number of ceiling penetrations in the cleanroom, offering flexibility in space utilization. Kenall’s SimpleSeal™ Plenum Access series (CSEPO) includes a large access passage, a reinforced structure, and has been tested to support up to 300 lbs.