Area and Site Lighting

State-of-the-Art Area Lighting with Embedded Camera for Added Security and Safety

LED luminaires that integrate sophisticated next-generation controls and optics into a clean design that complements the landscape while providing added safety & security.


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Modern Area Luminaires Allow Your Outdoor Environment to Shine

  • 30-320 Watts
  • 120-140 lm/W
  • 26" three-arm and 18" two-arm designs
  • Discreet Camera option

The Industry’s First Embedded Camera

Camera imaging without a clunky camera housing is possible – and this is what it looks like. Object recognition is crisp, providing an uncompromised layer of safety and security.


Four Primary Light Distributions Provide Unsurpassed Illumination Flexibility


Type 2HS

Used to provide long, narrow light patterns. Ideal for walking paths and smaller side streets.
Type 3

When placed to the side, this light distribution is intended to project outward and fill the area. House-side shield option available.
Type 4

A semicircular distribution that works well on the sides of buildings and walls. Excellent for parking lot and business perimeters. House-side shield option available.
Type 5S

A square distribution that has the same intensity at all angles, intended for luminaire mounting at or near center of roadways, parkway center islands, and intersections. Used where the light pattern needs a more defined edge.

SenScape™ Post Top Luminaires

Generous Lumens Promote Personal Safety and Colors that Pop


SenScape™ Pole Mount Luminaires

Flexible Mounting Heights
Highlight the Landscape


SenScape™ Wall Mount Luminaires

Sealed & Certified for Enhanced Security


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