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Correctional cells represent one of the toughest environments for lighting fixtures because inmates are unsupervised during a majority of their in-cell time. As a result, cell lighting must be able to withstand extreme physical abuse, clever entry and concealment attempts, and repeated tampering.

Lighting Built to Resist Clever Entry & Concealment Attempts

Kenall’s Mighty Mac™ luminaires are designed, engineered, and built to withstand the highest levels of abuse at any security level.

Kenall offers two different housing styles for cell lighting: clamshell and doorframe. The clamshell features a housing attached to a baseplate by an internal hinge, and features an internal blade trap. The doorframe style allows the application of pickproof caulk material (supplied by others) around the perimeter of the fixture.  Kenall also offers LED lamping options for enhanced efficacy, reduced maintenance, and significant energy savings.