How Does It Work?

Indigo-Clean, a continuous disinfection technology, is patented and proven to kill harmful bacteria linked to hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Using a combination of 405nm Indigo and White LEDs, Indigo-Clean emits narrow spectrum light that kills bacteria while providing ambient illumination for the space.

Unlike UV light, Indigo-Clean uses safe, visible light to automatically and continuously kill harmful bacteria in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces.

Visible light spectrum showing the active element in Indigo-Clean™

Which Should I Choose?


Indigo-Clean is a Continuous Environmental Disinfection system using dual mode, white light and 405nm visible wavelength, in conjunction with a lighting control system.


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Kenall Luminaires Using Indigo-Clean Technology provide On-Demand Environmental Disinfection via a single mode, white light using 405nm visible wavelength that disinfects while the light is on.


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