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Behavioral Health Application

Proven, Reliable Lighting Solutions, Now with Tunable White Technology

Where once, ambient lights merely illuminated a room, scientists have discovered that specific wavelengths and intensity of light can alter biological processes and encourage physiological effects, including sleep and stimulation.

Kenall takes functional light a step further with the addition of tunable white technology into more than 30 luminaires; enabling the adjustment of color temperature and intensity of white light.

Now you can simply and affordably add tunability without requiring more power, or sacrificing function.

Tune Your Lighting to Your Needs

What Is Tunable White Technology?
Tunable white technology enables the user to independently control both color temperature and intensity of light within a given application. This provides the ability to change the color of light from warm to neutral to cool in appearance, over time, based on the needs of the occupant or the space.

Recent studies on health, productivity and comfort suggest that the ability to tune the color temperature of light based on application, event need, or occupant preference yields significant benefits.


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Tunable White Spaces

 The Primary Benefit of Tunable Lighting: Circadian Entrainment


Natural Light Simulation Chart

Scientific studies have shown that when indoor light mimics the warm to cool cycle of natural daylight, people receive a number of benefits, including a more restful night's sleep and greater alertness during the day. This circadian entrainment is especially beneficial for those who do not have access to natural daylight, such as shift workers, office workers, hospital and nursing home patients, and correctional inmates.


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