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Kenall Completes LED Conversion

The CEO of Kenall, Jim Hawkins, announced that the company has completed its conversion from legacy lighting sources to LED engines and drivers. Hawkins, who has guided the company into this new era, praised the accomplishments of his staff: “The Kenall team has been working diligently to provide efficient, advanced LED solutions in each of our product families and vertical markets, and as of January 2017, Kenall no longer offers CFL fluorescent or HID products as standard.” Read the full press release.


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Kenall Fast Track

Released 2/28/2018 - Kenall introduces a new schedule for select configurations of CSEDO and CSEDI that ships in 5 days.

Indigo-Clean Downlight Video

Released 02/26/2018 - Learn how patient bathroom downlights using Indigo-Clean can help prevent the spread of C-diff.

Improved M4SEDIC and MEIC Performance

Released 02/26/2018 - Kenall’s MedMaster M4SEDIC & MEIC wattage packages are now available with 13% higher lumen output and even higher efficacy.

Tunable White Lighting Technology

Released 2/13/2018 - Proven, Reliable Lighting Solutions, Now with Tunable White Technology for Healthcare, Correctional, Cleanroom/Containment and High Abuse Applications

SimpleSeal™ Plenum Access Luminaire

Released 01/30/2018 - Kenall is the only manufacturer to offer a sealed enclosure LED with plenum access: the CSEPO Series.

SimpleSeal™ Top Access Series

Released 01/30/2018 - Kenall announces our new top access sealed enclosure luminaire: the CSETO Series.

Millenium Stretch™ Now with TekLink™ Controls

Released 10/25/2017 - Kenall’s popular Millenium Stretch series now has optional embedded microwave occupancy detection and daylight sensing.

SenScape™ Luminaires Ideal for Covered Parking, Canopy and Low Bay

Released 10/19/2017 - The SenScape™ SPG18 has a unique design that provides the best lumen-per-watt and uplight combination available with Kenall’s trademark glare control.

Spec Grade Sealed Downlights Now Available using Indigo-Clean Technology

Released 9/26/2017 - Add the power of on-demand disinfection to specification grade sealed downlights with the flip of your lighting switch.

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