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Kenall's IK10 Rating Video

Released 06/30/2021 - Check out our brand new video explaining what IK ratings are and why they are an inappropriate test for product durability. View in its entirety to see, instead, how Kenall tests the strength of our fixtures.

Kenall's Peace of Mind Guarantee

Released 06/30/2021 - Kenall’s Peace of Mind Guarantee is a promise to repair or replace any high abuse lighting fixture rendered inoperable due to intentional abuse by vandals, or accidental impact, for the normal service life of the fixture.

SimpleSeal™ CSERO-Red-TW

Released 06/30/2021 - The CSEDO family has been expanded to include options ideal for vivariums. When the fixture is not in “red mode”,  tunable white technology uses color temperature and intensity to mimic dawn-to-dusk, which is preferable for researchers interested in the changes in animal behavior when animals are primarily active at night.

MedMaster SafeSlot Video

Released 03/31/2021 - The SafeSlot™ family combines multiple functions, lengths, and configurations in a slim, architectural form. Our new video explains why SafeSlot is the ideal fixture for a behavioral health environment.

Exit and Emergency Luminaires

Released 03/31/2021 - Kenall’s emergency and exit signs are built for durability and long life, with features designed to meet the unique demands of healthcare environments, correctional facilities, laboratories, pharmacies, cleanrooms and more.

SenScape™ Area Series Enhances Safety & Security

Released 10/28/2020 - View this video to see how our new SenScape Area series with an embedded camera unobtrusively protects people and property.

SimpleSeal™ CSERO and CSERI

SimpleSeal™ CSERO and CSERI

Released 06/01/2020 - Visual acuity is essential for laboratories and technical spaces to improve accuracy and prevent eyestrain. Kenall's SimpleSeal CSERI and CSERO using KORE Technology solves cleanroom lighting problems.

MightyMac Impenetrable Products

MightyMac Impenetrable Products Update

Released 06/11/2020 - We've expanded our family of MightyMac light fixtures, designed for all security levels, up to and including Supermax. They add an extra layer of security to keep your staff and inmates safe.

Kenall Rebate Tool Reveals Savings

Released 10/28/2020 - Our helpful Rebate Finder tool identifies DLC qualified products that may entitle you to a rebate.

Mighty Mac Correctional Product Updates

Mighty Mac Fixtures Update

Released 07/31/2020 - Nineteen of our correctional fixtures have been updated for greater efficacy and efficiency.


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