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Kenall Completes LED Conversion

The CEO of Kenall, Jim Hawkins, announced that the company has completed its conversion from legacy lighting sources to LED engines and drivers. Hawkins, who has guided the company into this new era, praised the accomplishments of his staff: “The Kenall team has been working diligently to provide efficient, advanced LED solutions in each of our product families and vertical markets, and as of January 2017, Kenall no longer offers CFL fluorescent or HID products as standard.” Read the full press release.


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ICT Retrofit Kit

Released 06/26/2018 - Make a positive impact on the safety and well-being of building occupants by retrofitting fluorescent fixtures with LEDs using Indigo‑Clean Technology.

EnviroPro™ High Bay DLC Premium Listing

Released 06/26/2018 - Kenall's new High Bay luminaire, released in May, has earned DLC's Premium listing with an efficacy of over 130 lumens per watt.

MAC and MMAC Update

Released 06/26/2018 - MAC and MMAC new fixtures and improved optics

EnviroPro™ High Bay Series

Released 06/05/2018 - Designed for ceiling heights of 18'- 50', its high lumen output provides desired light levels for even the most critical tasks.

MedMaster 4” Downlights for Surgical Application

Released 04/24/2018 - Our MedMaster 4” round and square downlights have been updated to include improved lumen performance: patient room and surgical suite models now also feature Indigo-Clean Technology and Tunable White options.

Stratalume™ MAUCLED Using Indigo-Clean Technology

Released 04/23/2018 - Stratalume task lighting using Indigo-Clean Technology can provide on-demand disinfection, reducing harmful bacteria in the air and on hard and soft surfaces.

LuxTran™ DLD1220 Luminaire for Underpasses & Viaducts

Released 04/20/2018 - A cast aluminum housing for sturdiness and value provides an ideal solution for cost‑sensitive underpass and viaduct projects.

Henderson Hospital's Third Installation of Indigo-Clean Fixtures

Released 03/28/2018 - Valley Health System installed Indigo-Clean fixtures into outpatient surgical suites at their newly completed building.

New Video on Kenall's Popular M4SEDIC

Released 03/26/2018 - New Video on Kenall's Popular M4SEDIC

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