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Millenium OS™ (MOS) Series

Released 06/26/2019 - The MOS fixture now requires less wattage to achieve the same lumen output; an improvement in efficacy that everyone can enjoy.

LuxTran™ LTLI Linear Now with Integral Driver and Improved Performance

Released 06/26/2019 - The 8' LuxTran Linear fixture (LTLI) is now available with an integral driver for your tunnel application. Also, the remote driver‑powered fixture (LTL) has been updated for higher lumen output and greater efficacy.

Improved MedMaster™ M4SEDI White & Green

Released 06/26/2019 - Better LEDs means improved efficacy for these surgical suite fixtures. Available in white or green for enhanced visual acuity.

Healthcare Product Selector Guide

Released 04/24/2019 - From parking lot to procedure room, Kenall has a luminaire for every part of a healthcare facility. Peruse the new Healthcare PSG to find the perfect solution for your healthcare lighting project.

Indigo‑Clean® Surgical Downlight

Released 04/23/2019 - This new downlight is a companion to the M4SEDIC series; it disinfects in blended white and 405nm indigo, making it ideal for surgical suites.

MedMaster MT Series Troffer

MedMaster MedSlot

Released 04/23/2019 - A new family of 4-inch wide luminaires available in multiple lengths, featuring single‑ or multi‑function capabilities, symmetric and asymmetric distribution options, and high-output and/or high‑CRI lamp sources.

EnviroPro™ EPMP Series Expands

Released 04/18/2019 - The New EPMP 2x2 makes it easy to swap out your dated HID fixtures to efficient LED without any alterations to insulated metal panel ceilings.

ICT Retrofit Kit Recognized In Buildings Magazine

Released 04/08/2019 - The ICT Retrofit Kit has been awarded 'Editor's Choice for Money‑Saving Products', thanks to its reduced energy use and low maintenance costs.

MedMaster MT Series Brochure

Released 03/27/2019 - The new MT Series provides even illumination with reduced glare. Read about this fixture's great features and options in the new brochure.

SenScape SPG18 Higher Output

Released 03/27/2019 - The popular parking structure fixture now has increased lumen output. Reduce glare and eliminate the undesirable "cave-effect" via the fixture's uplight.

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