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MightyMac Impenetrable Products

MightyMac Impenetrable Products Update

Released 06/11/2020 - We've expanded our family of MightyMac light fixtures, designed for all security levels, up to and including Supermax. They add an extra layer of security to keep your staff and inmates safe.

SimpleSeal™ CSERO and CSERI

SimpleSeal™ CSERO and CSERI

Released 06/01/2020 - Visual acuity is essential for laboratories and technical spaces to improve accuracy and prevent eyestrain. Kenall's SimpleSeal CSERI and CSERO using KORE Technology solves cleanroom lighting problems.

AIA online presentation on Visible Light Disinfection

Released 4/29/2020 - This presentation discusses the role of the environment in Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) and the effect continuous and episodic disinfection methods play in reducing harmful bacteria.

SimpleSeal™ Architectural Series, Now Available in LED

Released 04/29/2020 - Now in energy-efficient LED, combine the strict listings and certifications that your cleanroom needs with a softer, more refined look by using our seven SimpleSeal Architectural Series fixtures.

SimpleSeal DIM01 Products

SimpleSeal DIM01

Released 04/29/2020 - 35 products in the SimpleSeal family have been undated to include an EldoLED brand driver (DIM01 on the spec sheets) that dims all the way to 0.1% for more control than ever.

Sealed and Certified Isolation Room Lighting

Released 04/29/2020 - Strict NSF‑P442, ISO3 & IP66 Listings protect your isolation room from particulate contamination. Certain configurations as Fast Track Items ship in 5 days in quantities of <25 to meet urgent isolation room needs.

ICT Retrofit Kit for Fluorescent Fixtures

Released 04/29/2020 - From waiting rooms to hallways, nurses stations and more... Kenall's Retrofit Kit upgrades existing fluorescent fixtures with bacteria-killing Indigo-Clean Technology.

ICT Disinfect Ancillary Areas

Released 04/29/2020 - Kenall offers Indigo Clean Technology for every room in the healthcare facility. 24/7 operation suggested for optimal disinfection.

MedMaster BH Series Troffer

MedMaster SafeSlot

Released 02/12/2020- A family of 4-inch wide luminaires available in multiple lengths, featuring single‑ or multi‑function capabilities, symmetric and asymmetric distribution options, and high-output and/or high‑CRI lamp sources.

TekLink TL2000PS: Your All-in-One Solution

Released 01/30/2020 - TL2000PS can provide car counting to parking facilities for real time occupancy data, enabling customers to find spaces more quickly.
License Plate Recognition (LPR) Coming Soon!


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