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Tunnel Lighting and Underpass Lighting

One of the greatest challenges of tunnel lighting and underpass lighting systems is their ability to support drivers’ visual perceptions—both day and night—from the point of entry through to the point of exit. Effective tunnel and underpass lighting, therefore, requires consistent light levels throughout the structure for safe passage.  We provide a number of LED tunnel lighting options.  

These are also highly corrosive environments requiring tunnel lights have sealed and durable luminaires. This is due to heavy traffic and fluctuations in weather and climate, tunnel fixtures are continually exposed to water, dirt, road salt, exhaust fumes, brake dust and other corrosive agents.


Tunnel Lighting

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Choose NYX Hemera Controls with Complete Confidence

While Kenall tunnel fixtures are controls agnostic, NYX Hemera is our preferred provider. Their seamless integration with our robust luminaires has proven successful in major tunnel projects across the U.S. While the choice of lighting controls is yours, we are confident Kenall tunnel luminaires and NYX Hemera controls will perform in even the most challenging tunnel environments…today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

NYX Hemera Lighting Controls

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