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Kenall offers high-potential college students an opportunity to combine their education with real-world experience in their field of study through our Internship Program. Interns are directly engaged in a variety of activities and projects in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, marketing, etc.
Interns are welcome to work with Kenall during summer and winter breaks between academic sessions.

Manufacturing Engineering Intern

“My internship at Kenall was fun and exciting. I enjoyed the fast-paced environment and daily challenges. I gained valuable experience working in the Manufacturing Engineering department where I learned manufacturing principals first hand. The company allowed me to work on many projects simply just by asking and showing interest. The best part of my internship was the people at Kenall took me in as one of their own and everyone was patient when I asked questions. I would definitely suggest to anyone studying Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering to consider Kenall for an Internship.”

Electrical Engineering Intern

“When I first arrived at Kenall, I was treated like family. I was involved in several engineering related projects and gained valuable knowledge working alongside experienced engineers from my major of study. Working at Kenall was an enjoyable and educational experience that has positively impacted my career choice.”

Office Intern

“Not only has Kenall continuously aided in my growth, but my experiences here have helped mold me into the person I am today. Little did I know when I was first offered the job at Kenall, how much of an impact this position would have on my future. I truly believe Kenall is a phenomenal place to work and it has been great watching the company grow over the years. My time at Kenall and the opportunities I have had will leave me with far more confidence, enthusiasm and drive than I had coming in.”


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