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Facilities Management Advisor - Granite School District Lowers Infection Risk with Indigo-Clean

Indigo-Clean luminaires chosen to provide an opportunity for the Granite School District to help protect students and staff against illness.

U.S. Lighting Trends - Granite School District Lowers Infection Risk with Indigo-Clean

Indigo-Clean luminaires chosen to provide an opportunity for the Granite School District to help protect students and staff against illness.

Healthcare Design Magazine names the BHRT a Product Innovation Award finalist

Healthcare Design Magazine names Kenall's Behavioral Health Round Troffer (BHRT) a Product Innovation Award finalist.

Inside Lighting 'Just One Product' Interview with Nate Heiking - The Shallow Plenum

At LEDucation 2024 in New York; Inside Lighting asks Nate Heiking, "If you could tell the world about just one product in your booth, which one would it be?"

The Use of Visible Light Disinfection to Create a Cleaner and Safer Environment

This webinar discusses the pathogenic transmission risks present in the Operating Room, describes different types of environmental disinfection practices, and addresses the efficacy as well as the risks associated with different light disinfection modalities, while taking into consideration ease of use to support light disinfection practices.

MedMaster™ MCRT featured in LD+A Magazine

The MedMaster™ MCRT healthcare troffer from Kenall has been featured in the 2023 October Edition of LD+A Magazine.

Visible-Light Continuous Environmental Disinfection System Reduces Pathogens

Visible-light continuous environmental disinfection system reduces microbial contamination and surgical site infections, as noted in an AJIC study. Experts explain the study and the technology.

Indigo-Clean® Lighting Prevents Spread of Infection in High School

Chelsea High School in Michigan adds Indigo-Clean© Lights to expansion project to benefit student and occupant health.

Indigo-Clean® Helps Protect Firefighters in New Cypress Creek Fire Station

Cypress Creek Station #25 features single-mode Indigo-Clean technology throughout the 16,245 square-foot station, including dorm rooms; restrooms and showers; the dayroom and kitchen.

How to Deploy a Comprehensive Approach for Disinfection Applications

The second article in a two-part series, from Cliff Yahnke, that addresses ultraviolet (UV) and 405-nm lighting technology’s source lifetime, environmental and operational impact, and efficacy.

Environmental Disinfection Requires A Whole-Room Perspective

The first of a two-part article from Cliff Yahnke examines the challenges of UV Lighting, the needs for standards and metrics, and a comparison to a whole-room disinfection method.

Combatting Health-associated Infections with a Safe, Effective Visible Light Technology

The Canadian Committee on Antibiotic Resistance estimates that at least 30% of healthcare-associated infections can be prevented. Attention to cleanliness and disinfection of surfaces plays a large role in reducing HAIs.

Indigo-Clean named in Best Infection Prevention Products of 2021

Newsweek names Indigo-Clean to "Best Infection Prevention Products of 2021" list: another reason why hundreds of hospitals, ASCs, schools and offices choose 405nm visible light disinfection to keep people safe from dangerous pathogens, without the risks associated with UV.

New Lehigh Valley Hospital using Indigo-Clean

Hecktown Oaks is a state-of-the-art hospital that will provide a wide range of services which includes utilizing Indigo-Clean lighting.

5 Big Questions with Kenall President, Pat Marry

Company president Patrick Marry chats with Inside.Lighting's Al Uszynski about Indigo-Clean's big SARS-CoV-2 news, being part of legrand and Kenall's future.

Wonders Never Cease

Custom tunnel luminaires help transport an ‘engineering wonder’ from the 1960s into the 21st century. Reprinted with permission of LD+A magazine, published by the IES.

Surgical Products - A Different Light

Daniel Seeger writes about how Indigo-Clean's unique technology provides continuous environmental disinfection.

Edison Report - A Day in the Life of Kenall

Randy Reid spends a day with Kenall and learns they are so much more than just a Vandal-Resistant type company.

100 infection control products to know

Becker's Hospital Review lists Indigo-Clean in the top 100 for products designed to disinfect, reduce preventable complications, stop the spread of germs and make surgery safer for patients.

Lighting goes high-tech to better serve hospitals

LED, IoT and BAS transform health care illumination