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Non-ferrous flexibility: 13 new non-ferrous luminaire options for MRI and more

Kenosha, Wisconsin (October 19, 2022) – According to, the number of Americans ages 65 and older will more than double between 2000 and 2040. This uptick in demand for health care diagnostic procedures by an aging population means an increased need for non-ferrous lighting options in healthcare spaces. As a result, Kenall has introduced ten new non-ferrous MedMaster troffers and three new slot luminaires with a variety of configurations, all designed for your challenging applications.

For MRI suites, hybrid ORs, and other healthcare spaces where magnets are employed, Kenall offers the MedMaster MRI4SEDI and MRI4SESI Series. These luminaires come in a broad range of lumen packages and include an option for 530nm green to enhance the visibility of screens and monitors during surgeries. The increasingly popular MedMaster MedSlot Series now includes MRIRS4, a slim, stylish non-ferrous luminaire.

For cleanrooms and clean spaces in healthcare facilities, labs, and pharmacies, SimpleSeal NFCSEDI & NFCSESI luminaire families combine the best in non-ferrous construction and sealed performance to illuminate spaces where magnetically sensitive processes are performed. Lynn Walldorf, Kenall’s Product Marketing Manager, said, “Our years of expertise in lighting challenging environments, especially in healthcare and cleanrooms, means your application will be safely and completely sealed from both sides -- the room and plenum – not just the room side. Also, our proprietary optics promote eye comfort, and reduce the debilitating glare in reflective surfaces, which is common with lower-quality flat-panel lighting.” Walldorf concluded, “As with all our lighting, the comfort of room occupants is always an important priority.”

About Kenall
Kenall Manufacturing, a Legrand company, was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1963 and has built a reputation for durable lighting solutions of superior quality and exceptional value. Today, the company creates specialized solutions for the healthcare, cleanroom/containment, food processing, transportation, high abuse, and correctional lighting markets. Kenall luminaires are designed and manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and comply with the Buy American Act (manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin).

About Legrand
Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its comprehensive offering of solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential markets makes it a benchmark for customers worldwide. The Group harnesses technological and societal trends with lasting impacts on buildings with the purpose of improving lives by transforming the spaces where people live, work and meet with electrical, digital infrastructures and connected solutions that are simple, innovative and sustainable. Drawing on an approach that involves all teams and stakeholders, Legrand is pursuing its strategy of profitable and sustainable growth driven by acquisitions and innovation, with a steady flow of new offerings—including Eliot connected products with enhanced value in use. Legrand reported sales of €6.1 billion in 2020. The company is listed on Euronext Paris and is notably a component stock of the CAC 40 and CAC 40 ESG indexes (ISIN code FR0010307819).




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Buy American Act Compliant

Buy American Act Compliant

Unless otherwise noted, our products comply with the Buy American Act: manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin.

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