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Downlight Luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology



Sometimes, environments meant to make us healthy can be an unintentional breeding ground for harmful bacteria, including Staph, such as MRSA. Staph infections can be devastating and expensive: healthcare, fitness and educational facilities must often go to extreme lengths to stop contamination.

Now there is a safe, effective disinfection method that reduces the risk of infection: get environmental disinfection with Kenall's MedMaster™ and Millenium™ Downlights using Indigo-Clean™ Technology.

These luminaires utilize a new, state-of-the-art technology to kill bacteria in susceptible environments, including patient rooms, locker rooms, waiting rooms, physical therapy spaces and more, by combining white LED light with 405nm Indigo light, providing on-demand environmental disinfection.



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Add the Power of Disinfection to your Downlights

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…it indicates that the product is a white, ambient Kenall luminaire using Indigo-Clean Technology (ICT), which kills harmful bacteria on-demand, including Staph*, such as MRSA**, at a nominal cost to your facility.


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