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Mighty Mac HXSS Luminaire

Mighty Mac HXSS Launch

Released 7/12/2023 - The new Mighty Mac HXSS Correctional fixture prohibits unauthorized entry and weaponization of the luminaire, in a completely unique housing design.

MedMaster MCRT Luminaire

MedMaster MCRT Launch

Released 06/28/2023 - The new family of round MedMaster™ MCRT healthcare troffers from Kenall allows lighting designers to integrate more dramatic shapes and maintain design consistency throughout a facility.

HELOS Parking Garage Fixture

HELOS Launch

Released 6/15/2023 - Kenall’s new Helos HPG14 Parking fixture is designed to make your lighting and its installation into your parking structure easier. At just 7 pounds, Helos weighs less than half of its closest competitor, making it economical to ship and easy to install.

Non-Ferrous Healthcare Products Launch Announcement

HC Non-Ferrous Launch

Kenall’s 13 new MedMaster® luminaires offer flexible non-ferrous lighting. This, along with 3 different optical distributions and the optional 530nm green LEDs, make these fixtures the perfect choice for lighting hybrid spaces where surgery, MRI imaging and other sensitive medical procedures may occur in the same space.

NFCSEDI and NFCSESI Product Launch Announcement

SE Non-Ferrous Launch

Kenall's new SimpleSeal™ NFCSEDI & NFCSESI luminaire series combine the best in non-ferrous construction and sealed performance. Kenall’s years of expertise in lighting challenging environments means your application will be safely and completely sealed and work spaces are comfortably lit without the debilitating glare.

BIOS Product Launch Announcement

New BIOS Lighting Options Promote Health & Wellness

Released 8/31/2022 - A NASA spin-off, BIOS Lighting promotes health and wellness using brilliant, high-quality architectural white light. It is the first artificial light spectrum to align with the key blue-sky signals (490nm) our minds and bodies need to encourage daytime alertness and promote a better night's sleep.

Capabilities Brochure Announcement

New Capabilities Brochure Captures Essence of Kenall

Released 7/20/2022 - Our new interactive brochure dissects the Kenall pursuit of quality, durability, reliability and excellence by way of rigorous testing and certifications, dependable service and the innovation of state-of-the-art technologies.

Indigo-Clean Installation at Fire Station Announcement

Indigo-Clean Lighting Disinfects New Fire Station & Protects Staff

Released 7/20/2022 - When designing their new station, the Fire Department of Cypress Creek, TX installed Indigo-Clean lighting in the kitchen, dining area, day room, and living spaces; safely & automatically killing harmful viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, Influenza-A and Staph, such as MRSA.

SPG18 Achieves Net Zero Energy at SFO Announcement

SenScape SPG18 Luminaires Help Award-Winning SFO Parking Structure Achieve Zero Net Energy

Released 7/20/2022 - The San Francisco Airport Long-term Parking Garage 2 incorporates innovative technology to enhance the customer experience, while still meeting strict California energy codes. When it came to lighting, they chose Kenall’s SenScape SPG18 luminaires for their high efficiency and uplight capabilities.

MightyMac Impenetrable Products

MightyMac Impenetrable Products

Released 02/19/2020 - Introducing a new family of MightyMac light fixtures, designed for all security levels, up to and including Supermax.They add an extra layer of security to keep your staff and inmates safe.

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