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FAQ's for Kenall Luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology

What is Indigo-Clean Technology?

Indigo-Clean Technology is integrated into Kenall luminaires to provide safe, environmental disinfection that is proven by independent laboratory testing to kill harmful bacteria including Staph*, such as MRSA**.


What is the disinfection claim?

Kenall luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology are independent laboratory tested and proven to kill harmful bacteria including Staph, such as MRSA.


How do I know it is working?

For these luminaires, if the light is on the Indigo-Clean Technology is working.


When should I use Indigo-Clean Technology vs. Indigo-Clean luminaires?

When your environment requires 24-hour continuous disinfection you would select Kenall Indigo-Clean luminaires. Kenall luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology provide disinfection only when the luminaires are turned on (i.e. on-demand).

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  How does Indigo-Clean Technology work?

In combination with white LEDs, Indigo-Clean Technology uses 405nm Indigo light to kill harmful bacteria including Staph, such as MRSA.

  What is the difference between Kenall luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology and Indigo-Clean luminaires?

Both luminaires use 405nm LED technology. Luminaires with Indigo-Clean Technology utilizes a single, white ambient disinfection mode delivering only on-demand disinfection. Indigo-Clean is a disinfection device utilizing both dual white and Indigo modes to deliver continuous disinfection.

  What is the difference between the on-demand and continuous categories of disinfection technology?

On-demand is a specific category of environmental disinfection activated by the flip of a switch. Continuous is a category of disinfection that is ongoing when used as directed.

  What is the warranty of Kenall luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology?

Kenall luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology are covered under Kenall Lighting’s standard 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

  Is there a price premium associated with Kenall luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology?

The luminaires are priced to fit within your lighting budget while providing an additive value of disinfecting your environment to bolster your current cleaning protocols.

* per independent lab report #SGS -09516076094. Contact Kenall Lighting for a copy of this report.
** Rutala W., Kanamori H., Gergen M., Sickbert‐Bennett E., Sexton D., Anderson D., Weber D.J., Antimicrobial Activity of a Continuous Visible Light Disinfection System, ID Week 2016.


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