TekLink Controls

Model #: SPG-TL1000-2000
  • Wireless OR wired communication
  • System configurable from cloud
  • Integral PIR occupancy detection
  • Measure power consumption
  • Measure light level
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Technical Specifications

InstallationControl components and sensor integrated in to SPG18 housing at factory.
Product BriefTekLink™ TL1000 and TL2000 are cloud-based, adaptive lighting control systems that utilize wired and wireless (respectively) communication between system nodes.  The system consists mainly of luminaire-integrated lighting controllers (BORGs), integrated Sensors, Bridges, and a Gateway.  This specification provides information on the luminaire level control components.  Please see the Bridge and Gateway Specification sheet for additional system information.
TekLink SensorOperates by low-voltage power provided by the BORG or LED driver and provides Microwave (MW) occupancy detection with integral light level sensing. Microwave sensing operates at 5.8 GHz (continuous-wave radar) and provides 360o coverage at various mounting heights and coverage areas (typical coverage pattern listed below).
TekLink TL1000/2000 BorgIntegral controllers located in LED luminaires, sensors, and as stand-alone devices; BORGs (Board on Radio Grid) measure and record system data and activity.  The LED luminaires react to changes in the environment based on a programmable lighting schedule.  TL1000 BORGs utilize wired (shielded twisted pair) communication to exchange information built on the CAN bus protocol.  TL2000 BORGs use wireless communication (900 MHz), designed to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.
WarrantyLimited five (5) year warranty on sensors and controls.


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