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Kenall - NSF Ratings

Kenall - ISO Ratings

Kenall - IP Ratings

Kenall - IK10 Rating



Indigo-Clean - Downlight for Operating Rooms


Indigo-Clean - Intro to Components and their Functions Video


Reducing SSIs Using Safe, Clinically Proven Visible Light Disinfection


Indigo-Clean - MEIC Video


Indigo-Clean - M4SEDIC Video


Kenall Downlights using Indigo-Clean Technology


Indigo-Clean - Downlight for Patient Bathrooms


Indigo-Clean - Introductory Video


Indigo-Clean Technology for Healthcare Lighting


Indigo-Clean Technology for Physiotherapy Lighting


Holy Family - Why Indigo-Clean


Holy Family - Patient Impact


Holy Family - Evaluation Result


Holy Family - Continuous Disinfection



MedMaster - SafeSlot Video


M4SEDI Green LED Lighting Video


MedMaster - MedSlot Video


MedMaster - SafeSlot Video



Correctional using Indigo-Clean Single Mode


Correctional - Virtually Impenetrable Fixtures



SimpleSeal™ - KORE Video


SimpleSeal CTD Benefits Video


Red LED Lighting Video


Amber LED Lighting Video

Parking & Parking Technology


SenScape Area Series


TekLink TL2000PS Parking Suite Video


SenScape™ - Introductory Video





Kenall Sealed Downlights Series Introduction

Kenall Corporate


Behind-the-Scenes at Kenall

Kenall on YouTube

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