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SimpleSeal™ CSERO & CSERI Using NEW KORE Technology

High-Performance Lighting For Unprecedented
Glare & Contrast Control in Cleanrooms

Visual acuity is essential for laboratories and technical spaces to improve accuracy and prevent eyestrain. The glare from a poorly diffused P12 lens creates hot spots and stripes that reflects off the many glossy surfaces found in cleanrooms, creating veiling reflections and disability glare.

End debilitating glare in your cleanroom while reducing costs...

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A New, Patented Way to Solve Cleanroom Lighting Problems

  • Elimination of debilitating glare on glossy surfaces
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Unmatched efficacy: 175 lm/W
  • Even uniformity across the lens
  • Less penetrations into highly valued ceiling space
  • Serviceability without breaching the cleanroom seal


(Kenall Optical Radiance Engine)

How It Works

The trapizoidal reflector and optics work together to evenly distribute radiant flux accross the lens,
creating a 1.5:1 lens uniformity

Less Fixtures, Less Energy, Less Cost


  • CSERO‑24‑85L‑40K8‑DCC‑DV‑2F‑2H‑SYMW (93 watts)
  • Average = 108 fc
  • Max/Min Ratio = 1.54
  • LPD = 0.93 Watts/Sq.ft

KORE Technology

  • 55% Less Fixtures
  • 42% Energy Savings


  • (75 watts) HIGHEST WATTAGE
  • Average = 110 fc
  • Max/Min Ratio = 1.45
  • LPD = 1.664 Watts/Sq.ft

Revolutionary Technology Provides Unparalleled Lens Uniformity
Greatly reduced contrast ratio eliminates hot spots and glare


Removes hot spots to increase visual comfort
KORE Technology


P12 lenses cause concentrated areas of brightness up to
18 times higher than the darkest area