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Kenall Files Lawsuits to Defend its
Narrow Spectrum Disinfection Lighting Rights

(Kenosha, Wisconsin, September 11, 2018) – Kenall Manufacturing, a solid-state lighting and controls manufacturer, filed lawsuits alleging patent infringement against Visa Lighting on August 31, 2018 in Federal Court in Wisconsin.

Patrick Marry, President of Kenall, stated that, “The patented technology uses visible light to safely disinfect environments to prevent deadly and costly infections. This is a significant new technology in the effort to reduce hospital acquired infections.”

“In our opinion the intellectual property in this case reads on Visa Lighting’s products which were developed in collaboration with New York-based Vital Vio, a defendant in previous litigation with Kenall. Kenall is the exclusive licensee for markets in North America and we will utilize Kenall’s full resources to prevent unlawful use of the patented technology. Kenall has successfully defended this intellectual property as recently as May, 2018 and we intend to do so once again.”

About Kenall
Kenall is a leading manufacturer of specialized solid-state lighting equipment and controls for challenging applications in its healthcare, pharmaceutical, laboratory/research, education, transportation, public access and correctional market segments.