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Kenall’s Indigo-Clean® and SenScape

Kenosha, Wisconsin (August 29, 2018 ) – In an industry crowded with newcomers, Kenall products still excel. It was announced this month that the Indigo‑Clean MDLIC6 downlight and the SenScape luminaire both won Product Innovation Awards (PIA ’18) from Architectural SSL Magazine. These awards are judged by editorial staff and a panel of industry peers, and were created to determine and honor the most innovative LED and solid‑state luminaires on the market.

The Indigo‑Clean downlight (MDLIC6 series) is an LED luminaire utilizing a dual‑technology occupancy sensor that switches the light from narrow spectrum 405nm Indigo light, when a room is unoccupied, to ambient white light when the room is occupied. The indigo mode provides safe, effective disinfection of the air, and hard and soft surfaces in a variety of settings. It was lauded by the PIA judges as, “…truly using LEDs to their fullest potential.&redquo;

Designed specifically for reducing harmful bacteria in hospital patient bathrooms, MDLIC6 provides clinical grade control of C.difficile*, helping to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading to the patient room. This is potentially lifesaving, as C. diff accounted for 500,000 healthcare‑acquired infections in the U.S. in 2011, and 29,000 deaths**.

Kenall’s SenScape (SPG18 series) is a sealed, low profile luminaire for parking structures, canopies and low bay applications. This slim, aesthetically‑pleasing design provides the best lumens‑per‑watt and uplight combination available in the industry, with Kenall’s trademark glare control. The IP65 rating also protects SenScape from the ingress of dust, dirt, debris and water.

SenScape includes industry‑leading uplight and optional daylight harvesting; both highly desirable in parking garages, as well as commercial, office and retail low‑bay applications. Unlike traditional edge‑lighting, which compromises fixture efficiency as well as the control of thermals and uplight, SenScape’s back‑lit design provides a low‑profile engine without such compromises. Judges appreciated both the SenScape’s slim profile and daylighting option.

Frank Gonzales, Kenall’s Director of Product Management, summarized the company’s excitement: “We are so pleased to be recognized for designing and manufacturing lighting products that exceed customer expectations, while at the same time, reinventing what lighting can do. SenScape is a direct response to customers’ requests for a high‑performance, sealed, slim profile luminaire that complements our other parking and low bay families. The Indigo‑Clean Continuous Environmental Disinfection downlight is unique in the market, combining the best in visible light disinfection and sealed, IP‑certified, healthcare luminaire design.”

*Antimicrobial Activity of a Continuous Visible Light Disinfection System by Rutala, et. al, ID Week 2016. Contact manufacturer for additional claim information.
**Nearly half a million Americans suffered from Clostridium difficile infections in a single year

About Kenall
Kenall Manufacturing was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1963 and has built a reputation for durable lighting solutions of superior quality and exceptional value. Today, the company creates unique solutions for the transportation, healthcare, high abuse, food processing, cleanroom/containment and correctional lighting markets. The vast majority of Kenall luminaires comply with the Buy American Act: manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin.



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Buy American Act Compliant

Buy American Act Compliant

Unless otherwise noted, our products comply with the Buy American Act: manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin.

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