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MedMaster for Hybrid Operating Rooms

Model #: MRI4SEDI14
  • Non-ferrous construction and remote power supplies provide safe operation with advanced medical imaging devices
  • Symmetric, symmetric/asymmetric and full asymmetric optic distributions with uniform lens appearance
  • Universal recessed housing accommodates either flange or grid applications
  • One-piece sealed housing; smooth exterior doorframe and lens for infection prevention and simplified cleaning protocols
  • High-output, high CRI LED lamp sources
Application(s):MRI Imaging Suites
Surgical Suites
Lamp Type(s):LED
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult your Kenall Customer Service for help with special requests at (800) 4 Kenall.

Technical Specifications

Doorframe0.050" aluminum. One-piece inset-style construction with welded corners. Gloss white TGIC polyester powder coat finish with 5-stage pre-treatment. Doorframe secured to housing with aircraft cables and captive, flush-mounted Phillips-head fasteners. Non-ferrous hardware. Antimicrobial finish standard on all exposed painted surfaces of the installed luminaire. Closed-cell silicone gasket seals doorframe to housing.
ElectricalServiceable mid-power LED array.  Minimum 80CRI standard, 90CRI optional.  See Ordering Information for available color temperature options. Luminaire input 24VDC from remote-located 120-277VAC, high-power-factor power supply with EMI filter. Dimming line EMI filter required if utilizing dimming function. Internal non-switch mode DC-DC driver. Standard 0-10V dimming with 1-100% range and dim-to-dark capabilities. See below for ordering information and power supply/filter accessories.
HousingHole-free, one-piece, seam-welded aluminum construction. 0.050" aluminum housing flange with mitered and welded corners. Non-ferrous components and hardware. Gloss white TGIC polyester powder-coat finish with 5-stage pre-treatment. Antimicrobial finish on all exposed painted surfaces of installed luminaire.
InstallationIC-rated installation into recessed grid and drywall ceilings. Flange installation utilizes included adjustable swing-out mounting brackets. Grid installation suitable for 1" and 1.5" T-bar ceilings. Universal installation into grid or flange (drywall) ceiling applications. All power and signal wiring must be in completely grounded aluminum conduit.   Light engine and internal driver are replaceable post-installation.  MRI room EMI filters required (see Accessories below).  Suitable for 0°C to 25°C ambient temperature environments.
Luminaire is certified to UL standards by Intertek Testing Laboratories for Wet Location. IP65 rating per IEC 60598. NSF2 Splash/Non-Food Zone. Meets FED-STD-209E/Class 1 (ISO 3) Cleanrooms. Compliant with MIL-STD 461G for radiated and conducted emissions. CCEA Approved.
OpticsHigh-efficiency diffused, impact-resistant acrylic lens. Symmetric/asymmetric and full asymmetric optic adds internal Total Internal Reflection optics to work in conjunction with diffused lens providing asymmetry while maintaining uniform appearance.
PhotometricsPhotometry tested to the IESNA LM-79-08 standard. For additional photometric data, please go to
WarrantyLimited five (5) year LED warranty

This product complies with the Buy American Act: manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin.


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