Patient Room Lighting

Kenall’s light fixtures for patient rooms are designed to the following Healthcare Lighting Best Practices:

  • Sealed for infection control
  • Multi-function capability
  • Wayfinding capability
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Ease of maintenance and cleanability (NSF2 lighting)

Dynamics of Patient Room Lighting

Patient Room at Parkland Hospital

Lighting that Accommodates Patient & Caregiver Needs

Kenall’s MedMaster™ Series offers LED lighting for patient rooms that accommodates the needs of both patient and caregiver. The overall patient experience is enhanced as a result of lighting that is well planned and controlled.

Independent certification is mission critical when specifying patient room lighting. NSF2 lighting certification means it is cleanable, non-toxic and corrosion resistant. Ingress protection ratings (IP64 and IP65) for light fixtures ensure that the patient is protected from harmful airborne and surface contaminants.

Kenall’s MedMaster series bonds the power of stringent certification standards with the comfort of human‑centric lighting.

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