MRI / Imaging Suite Lighting

Kenall is dedicated to solving the most difficult lighting challenges faced by healthcare designers. Lighting for MRI and related imaging suites presents unique challenges as a result of the scanning equipment’s sensitivity to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

MRI Imaging Suite featuring CleanScene and LPS5MRI sconce

Lighting that Successfully Controls Susceptibility & Emissions

Kenall offers the broadest line of aesthetically pleasing, non-interfering and non-susceptible LED light fixtures for MRI/imaging suites. Our Envela® architectural downlights, CleanScene graphic light boxes (or healing lights), Auracyl wall sconces and Stratalume MRI undercabinet fixture systems all deliver safe and dependable illumination for MRI applications.

Kenall’s LED MRI lighting products are covered by the industry’s first guarantee related to emissions and susceptibility, Kenall’s unique ScanSafe Guarantee.

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