Isolation Areas

Kenall offers LED and linear fluorescent lighting solutions for Isolation Areas that combines the MedMaster™ healthcare and SimpleSeal™ cleanroom lines.

Lighting that Meets Certified Performance Standards

Common requirements of Isolation Areas include:

  1. Sealed, “leak-proof” luminaires
  2. Sufficient task illumination levels
  3. Maintaining the sealed room envelope without plenum leakage
  4. Cleanable/Non-toxic/corrosion resistance
  5. Safe levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI)

Kenall addresses these requirements with the following independent certified performance standards:

  1. IP64 and IP65 ratings – ingress protection from dust and water
  2. IES standards – illumination recommendations
  3. K230 – Pressurized Leakage Test
  4. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)  Ratings
  5. MIL STD 461F – EMI control

Choose Kenall for your Environmentally Critical Isolation Areas.

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