Isolation Area Lighting

Kenall offers LED lighting solutions for Isolation Areas that combine the features and benefits of the MedMaster healthcare and SimpleSeal cleanroom lines.

MedMaster Sealed Downlight Literature

Isolation Area in Healthcare Facility

Lighting that Meets Certified Performance Standards

Common requirements for Isolation Area Lighting includes:

  1. Sealed, “leak-proof” fixtures
  2. Sufficient task illumination levels
  3. Maintaining the sealed room envelope without plenum leakage
  4. Cleanable/Non-toxic/corrosion resistance
  5. Safe levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio‑frequency interference (RFI)

MPC22 Isolation Area Fixture

Common listings for Isolation Area Lighting

Kenall addresses these requirements with the following independent certified performance standards:

  1. IP64 and IP65 ratings – ingress protection from dust and water
  2. IES standards – illumination recommendations
  3. K230 – Pressurized Leakage Test
  4. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)  Ratings
  5. MIL STD 461F – EMI control

Choose Kenall for your Environmentally Critical Isolation Areas.

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