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Isolation Area Lighting

Kenall’s LED lighting solutions adhere to the strictest standards and certifications, including NSF-P442, ISO3 and IP66 ratings, to protect healthcare workers and patients from the spread of contaminants. Healthcare facilities can be assured that these luminaires will maintain appropriate positive or negative pressure where they are installed, protecting the integrity of isolation rooms and cleanrooms.

Isolation Area in Healthcare Facility

Benefits of Kenall's Signature Isolation Room Lighting Features:

  • Sufficient task illumination levels
  • Maintenance of the sealed room envelope with no leaks in or out of the plenum
  • Cleanable and corrosion-resistant
  • Maintains negative pressure in isolation rooms
  • CSEDO available with optional Indigo-Clean Visible Light Disinfection Technology to kill bacteria safely and effectively in critical care and cleanroom environments

CSEDO Isolation Area Fixture

CSEDO Series


As the leader in isolation lighting, Kenall meets standards and certifications  
  second to none in the industry.


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Available in quantities of 25 or less to meet urgent isolation room needs.


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For continuous environmental disinfection

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Common listings for Isolation Area Lighting

Kenall addresses these requirements with the following independent certified performance standards:

  1. IP64 and IP65 ratings – ingress protection from dust and water
  2. IES standards – meets illumination recommendations
  3. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)  Ratings
  4. MIL STD 461F – EMI control

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