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Kenall provides multiple lighting solutions in LED and linear fluorescent specifically designed to provide aesthetically pleasing illumination for hospital exteriors.

Healthcare Exteriror featuring FS848R light fixtures

Aesthetically Pleasing, Scalable Lighting Solutions for Healthcare Exteriors

In addition to addressing architectural requirements, Kenall also offers the industry leading Peace of Mind Guarantee® against breakage for the following product series:

  • Millenium™ Rounds and Ovals
  • Millenium Stretch™
  • Millenium FreeScale™
  • Millenium Auracyl™
  • Millenium Finite™ and Finite Linear
  • Millenium Edge™
  • Herculux™

Each series meets the highest architectural standards for design and materials and are engineered for maximum durability and scalability to maintain aesthetic and thematic consistency. Kenall’s sets the standard for aesthetically appealing hospital exterior lighting.