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MedMaster for Behavioral Health

Model #: BHH-BIOS
  • Wall-mounted luminaire with bi-directional (up/down) illumination
  • Multi-function luminaire provides Ambient and Examination lighting within the patient room 
  • Durable, die-cast and extruded aluminum construction and tamper-resistant fasteners
  • Diffused polycarbonate lenses with continuous lens retention
  • Features BIOS SkyBlue Technology to benefit daytime alertness, cognition, mood and circadian rhythms
  • High R9 value and High CRI provide biologically optimized LED spectrum for early detection of cyanosis
Application(s):Patient Rooms
Behavioral Health
Burn Units
Lamp Type(s):LED
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult your Kenall Customer Service for help with special requests at (800) 4 Kenall.

Technical Specifications

ControlsOptional integral low-voltage controller with and without dimming (LVCD and LVC, respectively) capability through a compatible wall, bed or pillow speaker controller. When ordered in conjunction with the night light option, the low-voltage controller powers and controls the night light. Refer to hyperlinks within the Ordering Information for further details. See ‘Accessories’ for available low-voltage wall control switches.
120-277VAC, 50/60Hz electrical input (PF ≥ 0.9, THD < 20%).  Biological Static: Serviceable, constant-current single channel driver with single analog (0-10V) control input for intensity. 1-100% range with dim to dark capabilities and a linear dimming curve. Biological Dynamic: Serviceable constant-current driver with the BIOS Dynamic Bio-Dimming™ module keeps light output constant while reducing melanopic lux. Single analog (0-10V) control input. 1-100% dimming range with dim-to-dark capabilities and a linear dimming curve. Dimming from 100-75% reduces CCT by 500K, dimming below 75% reduces light level. Biological Tunable: Serviceable, constant-current multi-channel programmable driver with dual analog (0-10V) control inputs for intensity and CCT. Optional DALI (Type 8) driver. Logarithmic intensity profile with 0.1-100% range, with dim-to-dark capabilities. Linear profile on CCT adjustment.
HousingExtruded 6063-T5 aluminum construction with die-cast aluminum end caps. Low-gloss anti-microbial white TGIC polyester powder-coat finish with five-stage pre-treatment. Formed 14-gauge CRS baseplate secures the housing assembly to the mounting surface.
InstallationSurface wall-mount installation over a recessed junction box. Internal mounting holes (hardware provided by others). Housing assembly attaches to baseplate via countersunk temper-resistant Torx fasteners. Suitable for 0°C to 25°C ambient temperature environments.
LED ModuleServiceable static, dynamic or tunable mid-power Gen 2 BIOS Biological LED modules. Biological Static, Biological Dynamic, and Biological Tunable LED source with blue spectrum peak at 490nm and higher melanopic ratio. CRI 80+ with R9 > 90. Dynamic features 500K downward CCT shift when dimmed for evening applications requiring lower melanopic ratio. Tunable features 2700K CCT for evening applications. Refer to table for specific melanopic values. 
ListingsLuminaire is certified to UL Standards by Intertek Testing Laboratory for Damp Location installations. Dust-tight to IP6x per IEC 60598 standard. NSF2 Splash/Non-Food Zone.
Diffused polycarbonate lens for up-light and down-light lamping. Isolated optical compartments prevent light-bleed between lamping functions. 3/16” nominal lens thickness with continuous lens retention.
PhotometricsPhotometry tested to the IESNA LM-79-08 standard by an ILAC/ISO17025 accredited laboratory. For additional photometric data, please go to
WarrantyLimited five (5) year warranty.

This product is able to comply with the latest domestic preference legislation, such as the Buy American Act (BAA), Trade Agreement Act (TAA), Build America, Buy America Act (BABA), and others.


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