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Kenall Completes LED Conversation

The CEO of Kenall, Jim Hawkins, announced that the company has completed its conversion from legacy lighting sources to LED engines and drivers. Hawkins, who has guided the company into this new era, praised the accomplishments of his staff: “The Kenall team has been working diligently to provide efficient, advanced LED solutions in each of our product families and vertical markets, and as of January 2017, Kenall no longer offers CFL fluorescent or HID products as standard.” Read the full press release.


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Kenall Healthcare Luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology

Released 6/20/2017 - On-Demand Environmental Disinfection for Healthcare Environments

Kenall High Abuse Luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology

Released 6/09/2017 - Kill Harmful Bacteria On-Demand in High Abuse Applications

New Century Case Study

Released 6/7/2017 - New Defense Against Harmful Bacteria

NEW High Abuse Lighting Product Guide

Released 5/31/2017 - From Rough, Tough Herculux to Aesthetic Millenium Architectural

Charlotte Douglas Airport Case Study

Released 5/08/2017 - Reliability and Value in Parking Garage with TekDek LEDs

MaRS Health Lab Case Study

Released 5/08/2017 - Benefits of Kenall’s IP-rated Containment Room Lighting Discovered at MaRS Health Labs

Maury Regional Case Study

Released 4/05/2017 - Indigo-Clean™ Lights Continually Reduce Bacteria 88% at Maury Regional Medical Center

Indigo-Clean White Paper

Released 4/04/2017 - Reducing SSI’s Through Improved Environmental Hygiene

Indigo-Clean ROI Infographic

Released 4/04/2017 - Simplify your ROI and create a positive Return-on-Investment after preventing a single infection with Indigo-Clean.

Henderson Hospital Case Study

Released 3/29/2017 - Unique Indigo-Clean Technology Keeps Patients Safe by Continuously Reducing Harmful Bacteria in the Environment

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