Continuous Environmental Disinfection for Healthcare Environments

Indigo-Clean, a continuous disinfection technology, is patented and proven to kill harmful bacteria linked to hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Using a combination of 405nm Indigo and White LEDs, Indigo-Clean emits narrow spectrum light that kills bacteria while providing ambient illumination for
the space.

Unlike UV light, Indigo-Clean uses safe, visible light to automatically and continuously kill harmful bacteria in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces. 


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M4SEDIC Series

MedMaster LED for Surgical Suites:
Patented Continuous Environmental Disinfection System

  • Available in 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4
  • Two Operational Modes
    • White Disinfection Mode
    • Indigo Disinfection Mode
  • High performance LED arrays provide uniform lens appearance
  • Diffused, high-efficiency lens for reduced glare
  • Symmetrical optical distribution
  • One-piece sealed housing; smooth exterior doorframe and lens
  • Conducted emissions controlled per MIL-STD 461F


Two Selectable Modes of Operation

Indigo Disinfection Mode

When to use it

When the room is not in use, switch to Indigo Disinfection Mode for maximum bacteria killing power (exclusively 405nm).

Safe to use when room is occupied or unoccupied.


  • Operating Room
  • Medical Equipment Storage Area
  • Patient Bathroom
  • Janitor Closets
  • Any room in “after-hours mode”

White Disinfection Mode

When to use it

Best suited for times when comfort and visual acuity are critical.

A solution combining Indigo (405nm) and standard white LEDs to create the look of white overhead lighting. Use when room is occupied.


  • Operating Room
  • Sterile Processing
  • Pharmacy
  • Procedure Room
  • Recovery Room
  • Waiting Areas


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