Two New Kenall Product Families Selected for IES 2017 Progress Report
Senscape and Kenall Sealed Luminaires have been named to the 2017 Illumination Engineering Society Progress Report

Kenosha, Wisconsin, (August 17, 2017) – Kenall’s new SenScape™ SPG18 luminaire and Kenall Sealed Luminaires using Indigo-Clean Technology, including Millenium Stretch™ MLHA5/8/12, SimpleSeal™ HASEDI, MedMaster™ MPCADE24, MedMaster™ ME14/22/24 and MedMaster™ AMB22/24, have been named to the 2017 Illumination Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report. The IES Progress Committee must "keep in touch with developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world, and prepare a yearly review of achievements for the Illuminating Engineering Society." These products are new to the market in 2017.

SenScape™ SPG18 is a low-profile, high-output, sealed fixture for parking garages, canopies and low bay applications. The IP65-rated 30-, 45-, 70- and 90-watt nominal luminaires perform at high efficacies, while providing standard 10% uplight, without the need for an additional light engine. Optional controls include an embedded occupancy sensor and a daylight-harvesting sensor, both situated behind a vandal-resistant lens in order to protect the luminaire from accidental damage or intentional vandalism. Finally, a unique, integrated heat sink provides stable, efficient thermal performance, to ensure a long LED lifetime (L70).

“We’re really excited about SenScape. It is a sleek, high efficiency product that works in a variety of applications. Even though it was inspired by specifiers looking for a low‑profile parking garage luminaire, early market feedback tells us SenScape will also look and perform well in canopy, commercial, and low bay applications,” said Joe Welch, Kenall’s Parking and Controls Product Manager.

The other products appearing on this year’s Progress Report are Kenall’s Sealed Luminaires using Indigo‑Clean Technology: Millenium Stretch™ MLHA5/8/12, SimpleSeal™ HASEDI, MedMaster™ MPCADE24, MedMaster™ ME14/22/24, and the MedMaster™ AMB22/24. They are the first and only functional, ambient white light luminaires in North America to provide on-demand environmental disinfection using a safe wavelength of 405nm visible light within the lighting spectrum. The products are laboratory‑tested and proven to kill air‑borne and surface contaminants such as Staph, including MRSA, without sacrificing designed light levels. “These products are LED luminaires first, but with the added benefit of on‑demand disinfection and, as such, will offer a budget-friendly way to reach a variety of spaces, such as school locker rooms, physical therapy areas and workout rooms,” said Frank Gonzales, Director of Product Management. He added, “We’re very honored to have been recognized by the IES again this year.”


About Kenall, manufacturer of Indigo-Clean™
Kenall Manufacturing was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1963 and has built a reputation for durable lighting solutions of superior quality and exceptional value. Today, the company creates unique solutions for the healthcare, high abuse, transportation, food processing, cleanroom/containment and correctional lighting markets. Kenall luminaires are designed and manufactured in the USA and meet the guidelines established under the Buy American Act and the North American Free Trade Agreement. For additional information, visit www.kenall.com.



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