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Availability as of 9/13/2019

Product Image Brand Part (spec link) Description Available QTY
Millenium Stretch 12x48 Linear High Abuse/Surface Mount MLHA12070664 MLHA12-48-F-MW-PP-45L40K-DCC-1-DV 0
Millenium Stretch 5x48 Linear High Abuse/Surface Mount MLHA5065776 MLHA5-48-F-MW-PP-45L40K-DCC-1-DV 0
Millenium Round 13" High Abuse / Full Face, Surface Mount MR13FL079129 MR13FL-PP-MW-10L40K-DV 9
Millenium Round 17" High Abuse / Full Face, Surface Mount MR17FL079130 MR17FL-PP-MW-25L40K-DV 21

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